When you think of kitchens, you think HEART OF THE HOME, gathering place, command central.

When you are planning improvements to your kitchen, you could try to strike out on your own or rely on the advice and guidance of experienced designers. This will save time, money and stress. How can it save you money? By eliminating mistakes and miscalculations! Great designers will pull together a complete plan, helping you keep to contractors' deadlines and finish your project in a timely fashion. You will realize the most efficient and stylish kitchen, tailored to your tastes and budget. And while we can't promise to eliminate stress completely, we will help you every step of the way with your decision making. Things to consider:
  • Total house layout for flow
  • Compass orientation for lighting
  • How many cooks
  • Size of your family
  • How much you entertain
  • Storage needs
Want a bigger kitchen? We will look at your current layout and see how it can be improved. Everyone thinks they want an island, but sometimes other configurations are more efficient and attractive. Of course, if your room can handle an island, we have great ideas for making them family friendly or great for entertaining, or both. Your design will reflect how many cooks there are in the kitchen, what your lifestyle is like, and what your budget is.

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