Dealing with the Holidays

Well, it is that time of the year again. One of the world's most celebrated holidays is right around the corner, and no matter which holiday it is you will be observing, we are all getting caught up in the anticipation.

Lifestyle Designs - The Beginning

Eight years ago, during the winter of 2007, Barry and I were in the process of opening Lifestyle Designs. Talk about anticipation! Those holidays were filled with dreaming and business plans, signing contracts and space planning. But most of all they were filled with hope. Hope that we would be successful, that we would help others attain the beauty and function they wanted in their environments, that we and the clients we worked with would be happy. Over the years we've learned plenty, about interior design, about running a business, about ourselves and our clients. The lessons we've learned (some are repeated) helped us grow and attain personal and professional happiness. But we still come to this time of year, when we have to do it again... Isn't that so for every new year? Each of us works so hard! We try to do everything for everyone all the time. Please the boss, get a raise; send the kids to a great school, ensure their success; provide the best, do the best, be the best. It all seems like so much. Too much, at times. So, remember this when it feels that way. We can only do our personal best. That is plenty. That is satisfactory. That is not necessarily someone else's idea of perfection, but it should be OUR idea of perfection. So when you feel you must do one more thing, find one more present, arrange one more experience, ask yourself if you've done your best. And smile. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy the feeling.

Then move on to the next thing!

Are you expecting guests for the holiday? Before you add seasonal decorations, be sure to edit the room, removing as many objects as you will be introducing. Place them in the container you retrieved your decorations from (if you don't have one, get one, as you will have to put everything away soon, and you'll be prepared) so that the post holiday exchange will be (almost) effortless. Pillows, candles, festive knickknacks and mementos, whatever you like! Minimalist, ornate, country, formal... whatever your taste is this year!! It IS a celebration, of course, so celebrate!   We wish everyone a memorable holiday, and a New Year filled with peace.

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