A Study in Cerise

The Kitchen for Non-Kitchen People

From the seventh arrondissement in Paris to Ocean Drive in Newport, the Jagoes know how to live well. That means they have a beautiful kitchen even if they don’t cook. While their tiny Parisian apartment barely fits an oven, their 6,000-square-foot Newport home boasts a kitchen of their caterer’s dreams. “This kitchen is perfect – there is not one thing that didn’t come out the way it needed to be,” raves Jana Jagoe of the recent renovation. “But I don’t cook, so I don’t know where anything is!” The couple travels extensively, spending about six months of the year abroad, in addition to Don’s busy work/travel schedule for Liquid Robotics. So after moving 17 times in 26 years when he was a Navy captain, they purchased this chateau in 1998 with the intention of settling in. Never a dull moment with this dynamic international duo, they have spent the past two decades renovating their retreat room by room. Read the full article here.

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